O- group Africa Trading Limited is a part of O- group companies operating in East and Central Africa and approached to efficient supplies of geological mined minerals as gold, copper, cobalt, coltan, iron, magnesium, zinc and their products. The company specializes in refining, verification, and testing of valuable minerals as well as precious stones.

We are an unhedged mineral resource supplier with vast experience.

A soundtrack record and strong operating culture and client-orientated services company which moto .

Our team of professionals focused on meeting international standards to deliver superior returns to our clients by supplying gold and copper other minerals and their products to our customers worldwide.

Gold Bars

Gold bars are an excellent way to preserve your wealth and can be sold on for a profit. In general, gold bars are the most economical way of investing in physical gold, which makes them an attractive vehicle for serious investors looking to own large amounts of a non-currency asset.


Diamond Details Diamond Details Diamond is natural gemstone, which is formed in very high pressure and temperature conditions. Diamond is supposed to be the hardest known natural substance, which is broadly used in industry as well as in jewelry. Come in the following color.


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