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Best Kenya Diamond Jewellery Manufacturers

O- group Africa Trading Limited (O-group) has been a leading brand among diamond jewellery manufacturers and wholesale diamond suppliers in Kenya. We work under O- group companies that are spanned over Central and East Africa. We put our heart and soul to manufacture and provide top-quality diamonds to our customers.

Why Choose Us

Choose The Best Jeweler

Why should you choose O-group when there are so many other online stores of diamond jewellery manufacturers? The answer is simple: O-Group has the best customer service, selection, and prices anywhere because we’ve had nearly a decade to perfect them. We offer the best quality products to our clients and this makes us unique in the industry.

Never Pay Retail Again

Our priority is to provide high-quality services while remaining cost-effective. Before shipment, all pieces are subjected to quality checks. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we understand how important this special piece is to you. Therefore, we make it with high-quality components that will last forever.

Functional and Classic Everyday Diamond Jewellery

We’re thrilled to provide the perfect handcrafted piece of jewellery to match and exceed your expectations, whether you’re looking for something in a classic or timeless style or hoping to make a discovery. This item would be a wonderful way to express your love to your significant other and would be appropriate for an Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday, or Valentine’s Day.

Great Product With Excellent Packaging

All of our items arrive in the appropriate packaging, ensuring that they are ready for gifting as soon as they arrive. Our packaging includes everything from beautiful cardboard boxes with foam inserts for security to sleek wood finish boxes with plush inserts. Our packaging gives a classic look to the products.

What Sets us Apart


We always make consistent efforts and give clients a comfortable environment in every way possible. Pricing always plays a deciding factor for diamond jewellery clients. We always set an affordable price, which sets among desirable diamond jewellery manufacturers.

Dynamic Working Environment

O-group has a proven track record of providing its employees with a positive and productive work environment. As a seasoned diamond jewellery supplier, we can serve our customers in the best way possible due to our progressive environment.


As the top diamond jewellery manufacturers, we handpick each diamond to guarantee that your purchase will always meet or surpass your expectations. As we have complete control over the quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship of our magnificent jewellery, we are delighted to have it developed and handcrafted in Kenya.

Quality And Client Satisfaction

We, the leading diamond jewellery manufacturers, prioritize quality of our products and satisfaction of our clients. Quality is our main focus and this sets us apart from other manufacturers in the industry. Due to the high-quality of our products, our one-time clients become the permanent ones and they are satisfied by our products. If you are not delighted for any reason, we guarantee to rectify any issues you may have.

If you are in search of the best quality diamond jewellery online, o-group trading is your ultimate stop offering the best products.



We get our products from the best mines in COMESA countries ie Congo and Sudan. We provide CIF and FOB( only to clients within Kenya).

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