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Top Quality Gold Bar Manufacturers in Kenya

O-group Africa Trading Limited is among the top-quality gold bar manufacturers and wholesale diamond suppliers in Kenya. We have the right kind type of resources; both technical and human, to keep our customers satisfied and provide them with the right gold bars that they richly deserve. The satisfaction of our customers with our products is our top priority.

Quality with On-Time Delivery of Gold Bars

We evaluate each request thoroughly, provide customized solutions, and manufacture gold bars to meet the requirements of our customers. Our infrastructure demonstrates why we are one of the most reputable gold bar manufacturers. This makes us unique in the industry.

To ensure high-quality gold bar production, we use cutting-edge machinery. We also have an in-house Quality Control (QC) laboratory to ensure that all batches that leave our facility are of consistent quality. Our quality control department distinguishes us from other gold bar suppliers in Kenya. We don’t compromise on the quality of our products!

As the leading gold bar manufacturers, we also make sure to deliver the products to our clients on time with no hassle.

Grow Your Client Base with Reliable Gold Bar Manufacturers

We believe in robust business relationships with vendors of gold and other jewellery products. We believe in this philosophy and have built an extensive network of committed buyers to ensure that customers receive consistent products every time and on time.

We want our products to be the primary reason for client satisfaction. As one of the leading Kenya gold bar wholesalers, we place a premium on maintaining work ethics and providing gold at market-competitive prices.

We are changing along with the rest of the world. We are on our way to becoming one of the leading global online gold bar manufacturers by embracing innovative technologies.

Why We are Different?

Our production services have now emerged, and we are now a one-stop shop for our clients’ gold bar needs. We are one of the leading gold bar manufacturers supplying high-quality gold to a wide range of industries. These include everything from fashion stores to beauty stores.

We are extremely proud to have a client-focused sales team in addition to a talented design team. With a plethora of benefits, we remain confident in meeting our customers’ various requests and requirements for gold bars in several styles and designs.

We manufacture using high-quality metal with a plating technique, this item is lifelike and robust, with four anti-slip areas on the bottom to improve traction. It is also manufactured with superb craftsmanship, this piece is ideal for use as a decorative piece in the home or office. It makes you feel exalted because it is designed to look like a real gleaming gold bar. We also provide the best customer service to our clients.


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