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August 25, 2021

Top Quality Diamond

Top Quality Wholesale Diamond Suppliers

O-group Africa Trading Limited is rated among the high-quality wholesale diamond suppliers and diamond jewellery manufacturers in Kenya. We offer tremendous diamonds that contain the sharp point.

These diamonds sparkle like crazy; however, they don’t give off rainbows like real crystals. But they still look pretty and your customers of diverse demographics would love to have them. We pack them in fun and fancy packages that enhance their overall elegance.

Why Choose Us

Conflict Free and Genuine:

All our diamonds are carefully taken care of in a lab using the desired materials. Our naturally mined diamonds comprise lab-kept diamonds that are made to be chemically, physically, and visually identical to earth-mined diamonds. O-group’s diamonds are ethically conscious and conflict-free.

Beauty for Less:

All our diamond products in the product line are certified by every relevant governmental authority. Being one of the top wholesale diamond suppliers, we offer beautiful white diamonds with negligible visible inclusions that are cut to perfection.

See our products to compare what value you are receiving with our human-preserved diamond diamonds relative to what you would pay for conventionally mined diamonds.

Sophisticated and Timeless:

Diamonds are the most eternal and classic gift you can give to someone. We make sure we offer diamonds that are timeless and will keep you in the exact moment when you buy them. Transfer this sophisticated and timeless product to your customers and make them yours forever.

True to Originality:

All of our lab-preserved diamonds are genuine diamonds, chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds and possessing the same brilliance, sparkle, and luster. Buying a man-made diamond from reliable wholesale diamond suppliers is an effective route to mitigate the issue.

On-Time Deliver:

Our key focus is to deliver the products to our clients on time. We understand the values of our customers and establish trust by having clear communication with them. We make every attempt to deliver products to our customers timely.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Our wholesale diamonds are all handcrafted in Kenya and we cover them in our luxurious gift box. We always believe without client satisfaction, not even the top-tier wholesale diamond suppliers can’t sustain their business without winning customers’ hearts.

Why Choose Our Diamonds

Prompt Reply:

Even after delivering and fulfilling the punched order, we never leave our customers. Our on-time response makes us a sought-after diamond supplier in Kenya. We try to reply to our customers promptly and resolve all their concerns immediately.

Quality Assurance:

We have our Quality Control (QC) department. The core principle of overall quality management is built on the foundation of quality and client focus. Each of our diamond goes error-free that leave the department. Our QC staff briskly makes us a leading brand among wholesale diamond suppliers.

Customized Shape:

We customize the shape of the diamonds according to the requirements of our clients. Our customers can choose from a variety of styles and shapes. As the shape of the diamond is the most crucial factor for our clients, we focus more on creating the perfect one for their needs.


We get our products from the best mines in COMESA countries ie Congo and Sudan. We provide CIF and FOB( only to clients within Kenya).

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